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Total Mortgage Protection Plan

This plan comprises three different levels of cover - Mortgage Repayments Cover, Life Cover, and Critical Illness Cover. You can tailor your plan to include only the cover you need. When your life situation changes, you in turn can change your level of cover; Halifax will not charge a fee for any changes to your policy. You can also cancel your plan at any time. And since everyoneís financial situation is different, you and your partner can choose different levels of cover.

Under the Mortgage Repayments Cover, you can make a claim if you lose your job or if you suffer from an illness. Upon receiving your claim, Halifax will send you a regular payment to help you cover your mortgage and other related living expenses. Payments will continue for as long as you need them, to a maximum of one year. If you quit your job to become a full-time carer, Halifax will give you a one time lump sum payment; the amount of this payment varies depending on your level of cover.

If you die during the policy term of your Life Cover, Halifax will give your survivors a cash sum intended to repay your mortgage. If you are diagnosed with a listed critical illness, and you are covered for Critical Illness, youíll receive a lump sum payment from Halifax to help with your living and medical expenses. You are entitled to this payment even if you eventually make a full recovery.

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